Updated guidance for Meijer members regarding COVID-19 -- March 19, 2020

The CDC has repeatedly stated that surgical masks do not provide protection against the coronavirus (COVID-19); however, if members request to wear a mask for their own personal sense of security, Meijer will allow it but will not provide them.

The CDC states that one of the ways to minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19 is to avoid touching your face. Wearing a mask can cause people to touch their face more frequently as they adjust the mask during the day.

For cashiers, the best practice to help protect yourself against the coronavirus is to frequently apply hand sanitizer during your shift.

Although gloves do not prevent the transmission of the coronavirus, cashiers may wear them. Any disposable nitrile, vinyl, or polyethylene glove (excluding latex) will be acceptable. Gloves should never be reused and it’s important that even if wearing gloves, members should still wash their hands frequently.

Due to limited supplies, Meijer will only provide gloves to members working in the following departments: Bakery, Deli, Meat, and Pharmacy.

Person-to-person contact remains the primary way someone can contract the coronavirus. We are continuing to reinforce safe social distancing practices with our customers while also requesting they do not visit our stores if they are ill.