Members : Workplace Rights

Workplace Rights

Unlike non-union workers, UFCW 951 members never have to enter a conversation with management that might lead to their discipline alone. By exercising your right to representation, also known as your Wiengarten Right, you can demand representation by a union steward or representative during conversations with management tyou think will lead to discipline or termination.

Your right to representation is not automatic!

You must specifically ask that a steward or union representative be called into the meeting. If a steward is unavailable, do not leave the meeting room, but do remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you. Only ask that the meeting be rescheduled for a time when you're steward or union representative will available to represent you.

Here's a statement that could save your job: If my responses to your questions could lead to me being disciplined or terminated, or negatively affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request you ask my union representative to be present at this meeting. Until my union representative arrives, I choose not to answer any questions.