About : UFCW 951 Foundation

UFCW 951 Foundation

What is the UFCW 951 Foundation?

The UFCW 951 Foundation, established in 1996, is a member-driven program that provides assistance to members facing difficult times, along with scholarship programs that help with child care, education, children’s extracurricular and community involvement, medical and utility bills, and transportation and housing expenses. UFCW 951 is always looking for ways to expand the Foundation programs that benefit members.

Funded primarily through voluntary paycheck deductions by the UFCW 951 membership, the Foundation is an integral part of the 951 community.

The Foundation matches 25% of the amount donated by members during fundraisers. The combined total is given to the member in need.

Click here to find out more information on scholarship opportunities for you and your family members.

Making the UFCW 951 Foundation Your Charity of Choice is Easy...

The Foundation's work is primarily supported by the members who make voluntary donations to the UFCW 951 Foundation through payroll deductions. To contribute to and to advance the work of the foundation only takes $1.00 a week.

Donate now to ensure that the good work of the UFCW 951 Foundation continues. Complete a donation form available from your union steward, union representative or the union office. 

Where Do Your Donations to the Foundation Go?
  • $30,000 Awarded in College Scholarships for Tuition and Textbooks
  • $10,000 Awarded in Medical Reimbursement Awards
  • $10,000 Awarded in Education Scholarships
  • $12,000 Awarded in Utility Reimbursements
  • $9,000 Awarded in Child Care Scholarships
  • $5,000 Awarded in the Dave Way Student Athlete Scholarship
  • $2,000 Awarded in Family Enrichment Scholarships
  • $20,000 Awarded in Housing Expense Reimbursements
  • $10,000 Awarded in Transportation Expense Reimbursements

UFCW 951 Foundation Board of Directors

John Cakmakci, UFCW 951
Marisa Didur, UFCW 951
Todd Regis, UFCW 951
Bill Black, International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Dr. Phil Knight, Food Bank Council of Michigan
Dr. James Martin, Wayne State University
John Beasley, JBS