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Political Action

UFCW 951 and its members are politically active because politics has such a strong impact on workers and their families. Michigan workers have been under attack. With their union, UFCW 951 members are fighting back and working hard to protect the middle class and improve the livelihoods of all Michigan workers.
All that unions have fought for can be erased by the single stroke of a politician's pen. Which is why UFCW 951 and its members are politically active. 

UFCW 951 fights to protect workers and their families by opposing anti-worker legislation and supporting pro-worker bills at the local, state and national levels. The union also supports political candidates – regardless of party affiliation – who promote workers’ rights. It’s not the politician’s party that is important, it’s how he or she will vote on issues affecting the middle class.

The UFCW Active Ballot Club — Working America's Political Voice

Union dues can't be used for political contributions, so UFCW 951 raises these funds separately through its Active Ballot Club (ABC). The ABC generates money through voluntary membership contributions and fundraisers.  UFCW 951 uses these monies to support candidates, regardless of party affiliation, who support workers' issues. The ABC is the only political action committee dedicated to advocating for and protecting the interests of, UFCW members.

Anti-worker politicians and their wealthy corporate donors are spending billions to silence workers' political voices, making your donation to the ABC more important than ever. Pro-worker candidates don't have the financial support of billionaires, but they do have millions of middle-class Americans whose combined efforts through the ABC and similar political action funds can have the same or even greater results. A $10 donation from every middle-class family would raise over $1 billion. 


Register and Vote!

UFCW 951 is working to ensure labor's hard fought gains are not eliminated by the stroke of a politician's pen. But, we need your help too. By casting your ballot in local, state and national elections, you have an opportunity to elect candidates who will protect workers' best interests. And, by voting, you hold your elected officials accountable for their actions.

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