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Rite Aid Members - COVID-19 Update

The union has reached out to Rite Aid regarding COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus; updates for members can be found below.
Updated Procedures and Guidelines 5/14/20

Since this crisis is changing quickly, there will be periodic updates of Rite Aid's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidelines; for the most recent update, click here. For updated guidance on gloves and face coverings, click here.

4/27/20 Update:

→ The $2 per hour Hero Pay increase has been extended through May 16 for all Rite Aid members.

Updated 3/22/20: Members to Receive "Hero Pay"
These new initatives are being implemented in appreciation of our members' hard work and selfless efforts during these crucial times:

Hero Pay

Non-management hourly members who work in a retail Rite Aid store, RediClinic location or distribution center warehouse will receive a temporary Hero Pay increase of $2 per hour for hours worked beginning March 15, 2020 through at least the end of April. For more details, click here.

"Pandemic Pay"

In addition, there are new specific guidelines related to COVID19, including a "Pandemic Pay". This program will ensure members are compensated if diagnosed with the virus or quarantined due to exposure, and ncreased flexibility in availability in administrative leaves. For more details, click here.

Increased Associate Discount

To help you and your family get easier, more affordable access to the products that will keep you safe, Rite Aid will temporarily increase the associate discount to 35% (from 20%) on all eligible products and services in Rite Aid stores. The increased discount will begin Tuesday, March 24 at 6 a.m. and continue through at least April 2020. For more details click here.

Relaxed Dress Code

Effective immediately and until further notice, Rite Aid store and pharmacy members will be able to wear jeans and tops of any color. (Naturally, all other standards apply, including wearing a name tag, avoiding jeans with holes, avoiding pants or tops with graphics, etc.) For more details click here.

3/20/20 Update:

→Updated guidelines regarding COVID-19 and Rite Aid members, click here.

3/19/20 Update:

→Rite Aid will not use any non-union associates (APAs – Asset Protection Agents) to help in store locations prior to maximizing our union member's hours. This includes offering union members overtime where applicable. Rite Aid will document where there is a need to use an APA for short periods of time and to show that members have been maximized when they request it or agree to it.