News : Workers at Meijer Stores in Lake Orion and Macomb Twp. Choose Union Representation

Workers at Meijer Stores in Lake Orion and Macomb Twp. Choose Union Representation

1/30/2023 5:00:00 AM

The two Meijer stores are the latest to officially unionize with UFCW 951.
The 212 new members from the two stores join the close to 28,000 current members of UFCW 951.

Below are some common questions that new union members have asked concerning the representation process. For answers to general questions about UFCW 951, visit our FAQ page by clicking here.

Who is the union representative at my store?

If you work at Meijer #680 in Lake Orion, your union representative is Chris Bolus. You can reach him at 1-800-999-0951 ext. 148 or email him at

If you work at Meijer #681 in Macomb Twp., your union repsentative is Michelle Nickson. You can reach her at 1-800-999-0951 ext. 151. You can reach her at

Who is my union steward at my store?

There is currently one union steward at Meijer #680, William Webb.  At Meijer #681 the stewards are Renee Glenn and Jenny Hayton. There will need to be additional union stewards added in each store, across all shifts. If you are interested in becoming a steward, please contact your union representative Your union stewards will be the people you can reach out to on a daily basis for help with problems in your store.

Where is my union contract?

UFCW 951 union representatives will be distributing the contract in your store. Please reach out to your rep, if you have not received a contract and would like one.

Am I a member now? When do I start paying dues?

You now have all of the contractual rights of a UFCW 951 union member.  Dues will not start until 3 months after the opening of the store.